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Merlin assists in your endeavour to deliver value beyond your clients’ expectations and to maximise your business efficiency by streamlining your processes.
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Mapping Your Client's Journey Through Life's Milestones
Every client is a story of moments - goals that drive them, losses that define them, and celebrations that strengthen them, each with their unique dreams and aspirations. As a life and dreams planning tool, Merlin is here to help you guide your clients in managing and maximising their finances, so that they can afford each of their life dreams.
Every client has his dreams and aspirations, and most dreams have a financial component to them. To this end, sound financial advise involves comprehensive consideration of all financial objectives and profile of the individual synchronously, which is where Merlin is here to support you in providing clarity of their current situation to your clients, and how their past actions taken contribute towards their dreams.
Merlin will evaluate your client's numbers and establish his financial position based on financial health ratios, needs analysis, and dreams feasibilities. Simulate various real-life scenarios over your client's lifetime that could either help or hinder his progress towards achieving his goals, thereby allowing you to formulate strategies for achieving beyond previously imagined and illustrate simple solutions that meet your client's needs and expectations.
Beyond articulating and take steps towards their dreams, Merlin will accompany you and your clients through their personalised roadmap, help you to further their achievements and assist you in managing each and every circumstance effectively.
Because life isn't static. Life changes. And it's important to be prepared for those changes.
Improving Efficiency And Efficacy Of Your Business
Busy versus productive, which are you? Being productive means knowing what needs to be done to get you closer to your goals, and getting them done. It means focusing your attention and energy on the areas that matter to your professional life. And the great news is, once you've completed the tasks that contribute towards your business, you can focus on the things that matter to your personal life.
Owning the day means planning your strategy for what constitutes a productive day, and the actions to take that move you towards your business goals. Merlin helps you schedule your day so you can start each day knowing what needs to be done, and at what point you deserve a well-earned break to recharge and prepare for the next day that promises to be just as productive.
Merlin helps you automate your workflow to plug potential leakages and ensures you do not miss out on any integral steps. With a comprehensive client servicing matrix and an automatic scheduling system to remind you of the important tasks at hand, you can be sure to keep both your clients and your business happy.
In all that you do, there are goals that you're working towards and want to achieve. In addition to being with you every step of the way to reflect your progress and shortfall, Merlin offers insights into which stages of your business you can work on to improve your ratios and give you the added boost needed to accelerate your advancement.
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